• We talk to fitness model Zoë Daly

Does Zoë look familiar? It's probably because you've seen her all over BodyScience's recent advertising campaigns!

She's been competing since 2010 and has taken some time out of her busy schedule to talk to us about her training, motivation and some important advice for those starting out in the gym.

What inspired you to start training?

I have always being fit and athletic! I was a tomboy growing up and super active! I was inspired to start structured weight training in 2011 after 1 year competing and desiring a more muscular physique. I was already ripped from lots of yoga and Pilates, but I was tiny! I have gained 7kg of lean muscle since then!

What does your current weekly training routine look like?

I have achieved my physique through a combination of strength training, Yoga/Pilates/Tai chi and some cardio. I tend to apply a 70% strength / 20% stretching/flexibility / 10% cardio ratio. However I always listen to my body and if things feel unbalanced then I'll adjust my regime to fix this! I do 4-5 weights sessions, 2-3 Pilates/Body Balance classes and 1-2 interval sessions each week + I walk 1 km on the treadmill before every weights session to warm up.

What exercises do you love and hate the most?

Legs are definitely a Love/Hate kind of relationship! It's always painful and sometimes I really have to psyche myself up for it, but it's always SO worth it!!! I actually love training anything and everything and don't really "hate" anything!

What motivates you go to keep going to the gym?

I do! I am my biggest motivation! Always wanting to be better than I was yesterday is what keeps me going. I compete against myself every day! It's all about progress and evolution :)

What are your fitness goals for 2013?

To step back onstage & bring my best physique yet :)

What is your favourite cheat meal?

Max Brenners' Chocolate Fudge Brownie smothered in extra melted chocolate with vanilla marshmallows & fresh strawberries on the side :) YUM!!! Or Ben & Jerry's Half Baked!

What do you know now that you wish somebody had told you when you first started training?

Oh my gosh - too much to explain!!! But I am grateful for all of the lessons I have learned along the way and there is no way anybody could have really told me any of it! To truly know what works best for you, you need to experience it, learn through trial and error. Everyone is different and what works for them may not work for you! Believing in yourself really is the key to true progress!!