• We talk to fitness model and personal trainer Amber Walker

Amber is taking the sexy soul movement world-wide with 60 Days to a Sexy Soul; an online wellness course designed to educate and support women in changing their lives for the better.

Enrolments close at the end of January at http://www.60daystoasexysoul.com so get in now if you want to join the movement!

Today we talk to Amber about her diet, training and how she was inspired to start training.

What inspired you to start training?

I had always been an active child and was involved in many sports growing up. As an adult I was originally inspired to train because it made me feel good, there is something about those endorphins that is addictive!

What's your favourite tech gadget or app that you use to assist with your diet or training?

I have tried a lot, however I always revert to the good old pen and paper diary. I like to physically flick through my recent records to observe what has been working and where I have gone wrong.

What's your favourite thing currently growing in your vegetable garden?

That would have to be my turmeric plant, with its powerful anti-inflammatory properties I use it daily in juices, stir fry’s and curries.

What's your favourite meal to make when you're in a hurry?

Lamb cutlets, Halloumi and spinach. This seriously takes less than 5 minutes and can all be cooked in the one pan, delicious, nutritious and quick with minimal clean up time!

What does your current weekly training routine look like?

It varies considerably depending on how I feel. I have got to the stage where I listen to my body and respect it instead of thrashing it. This doesn’t mean being lazy and doing nothing it just means reducing the intensity or changing the activity based on how my body is feeling. In general I make sure I intentionally ‘move’ 4 times week. I also ensure I get one session in the outdoors, lately that has meant surfing with the girls once a week, that is what I call a perfect workout!

What results can people expect from your online wellness course?

My online wellness course, 60 Days to a Sexy Soul is designed to educate and support women in changing their lives for the better. Instead of giving our participants an eating and exercise plan we give them the knowledge and tools to confidently design their own. After all everybody is different and no one plan suits everyone. A downloadable pdf may offer you a quick short term fix but it will rarely inspire lifelong changes. The program focusses on balancing all areas of your life to achieve optimal health. Although very important there is more to being healthy than just diet and exercise.

How do you feel is the best way to maintain a social life without hampering your results in the gym?

Choose to spend time with like-minded people who are on the same health and fitness journey as you. Include active catch ups in your social calendar, somewhere like the beach or the park where you and your friends can play soccer, volleyball or cricket. Try new adventures like stand up paddle boarding or a high ropes course with your friends. When you take the focus off drinking and eating you can discover many new things!