• We talk to 2013 IFBB Champion & personal trainer Christine Ray

It’s no surprise Christine finished in 1st place, claiming her first Ms Fitness IFBB Australasia title in 2013. After all, she did train herself.

Today we talk to Christine about training, diet and why she became a personal trainer.

When did you first realise you wanted to be part of the fitness industry?

I was always the SPORTY kid when going through school, participating in every sport possible, so I knew the moment I left school I would do something within the health and fitness industry.

What's your favourite training session that you run?

My absolute favourite training session would have to be my Saturday Morning Outdoor sessions. New locations, no limitations, and a GREAT group of clients – Always fun!

What does your current weekly training routine look like?

I am constantly shocking my body and changing my routine. At the moment I am recovering from a minor hamstring tear so I am limited in lower body workouts. At the moment I am doing:

Monday: Full body Cross training
Tuesday: Boxing + Sprints
Wednesday: Kickboxing
Thursday: Back and Biceps
Friday: CORE class + Shoulders
Saturday: Full body Cross training – biggest session of the week
Sunday: REST DAY

What exercises do you love and hate the most?

LOVE – Push Press, Chin ups, rope drills, box jumps
HATE – I LOVE TRAINING – Silly question

What's your favourite post-workout protein shake recipe?

Bsc Chocolate WPI + Banana+ HEAPS of ice. SIMPLE BUT TASTY – love my thick shakes.

What's your favourite meal to make when you're in a hurry?

Chobani yoghurt + protein powder + berries.

How often do you allow yourself a cheat meal?

I have a cheat every weekend, usually I organise a social outing and I allow myself to eat something naughty then.

How do you feel is the best way to maintain a social life without hampering your results in the gym?

I believe if you are good 90% off the time, one or two bad meals on the weekend will not stop you progressing. You also need to start becoming conscious of healthy options when eating out, eg opting for a salad and protein rather than a pizza.

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