• The Forgotten Art of Gym Etiquette

Feel as though gym etiquette needs to be included in the fine print of all new gym memberships?

We do too!

Share these guidelines with your friends and enhance your gym going experience.

Dress appropriately

You're not going to a nightclub, leave your jeans and fancy t-shirts at home.

Don't follow strangers around the gym

If you think somebody has a nice butt, admire it from a distance, don't get up and move your workout wherever they go.

Return the weights

The only person not impressed with your 200kg deadlift is the trainer lugging your 20kg plates back to the weight tree.

Use a towel

Wipe down the machine after use - nobody wants to share your sweat.

Use your mobile phone sparingly

We understand you may be using your phone to record a workout, but if you're planning on making a 20-minute phone call, don't do it between sets!

Don't act like you live in the jungle

Minimal grunting is OK, screaming like you've just had a 20kg dumbbell dropped on your foot is not (unless you've actually had a 20kg dumbbell dropped on your foot).

Don't be a politician lifter

If you feel the need to greet every person in the gym, join a social club.

Boring disclaimer warning

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