• Sally Bell - Finding a balance

Here I am now 5 weeks after my last competition of the year. Feeling healthy, enjoying my training, loving my nutrition and treating myself. One of the things I have learned on my personal journey is to not deprive yourself of the things you enjoy and to learn to balance your fitness goals with your lifestyle.

It's a very daunting feeling to not have any clear goals to work towards. Like every competitor coming out of competitions I was worried about my nutrition and training routine. I didn't want to screw things up, I had come so far. But I didn't want to keep dieting, and what was I training for?

The most important part of participating in the sport of 'bodybuilding' is finding the right person to handle your nutrition. As a Personal Trainer I am aware of the key points when it comes to healthy eating, but 'competition prep', counting macro's and all other variations of dieting I am not qualified for. This is why I found someone who is not only an experienced nutritionist, but has also coached professional athletes to stage in the past.

The first step after my comp was to talk to my Nutritionist. I was put on a reverse diet, being similar to the nutrition plan I was first given, slowly adding food groups back into my diet, keeping my body from any form of 'rebound'. This part of competing is more important that the actual competition itself. Sure, you can get to stage, reach your goal and feel amazing. But after 12+ weeks of preparing for this competition and restricting calories, your body simply cannot handle to instantly take excess calories and sugar it is not used too.

Training wise, I am training for myself and giving my body the rest it needs. I have set a bunch of short term goals to work towards + enjoying more relaxing walks, fitness classes and making time for stretching. Making yourself some small goals is a great way to keep motivated while not having any clear BIG goals in sight - which is what I am used to.

So on an ending note, I can sign off informing you all that I am feeling healthy, fit and satisfied. No gruelling hours in the gym, no strict diet plan, just a bunch of small goals, healthy/nourishing foods and enjoying every bit of my training.