• Sally Bell - Background Check

My name is Sally Bell, I am 22, a Sports Model competitor as well as owner of a Personal Training business in South Australia – Sculpted by Sally.

I specialise in women's fitness, with 1 on 1 session's as well as my 10 Week Challenge group sessions.

My passion for health and fitness started after falling in love with the gym. I had started going to group classes and getting into weight training in hope of losing some weight I had gained while starting work as a hairdresser full time. After 6 months I had lost around 10kgs and really enjoyed my workouts. It was a stress release and place I would go to be by myself, or spend time with friends.

2013 was my first year of competing. The idea struck me one day while watching a friend on stage back in Adelaide. I thought "I would love to be up there and have my body in that condition", but quickly shruck off the idea when the same friend brought it up, by saying "I would never be able to be so disciplined". After losing all that weight I had figured that was as good as it was going to get for me and it was never going to be possible.

Within a few weeks of the idea poking around in my head, I had decided I would give it a go. I mean, if I couldn't stick to the diet then no loss, at least I tried. I found my coach, who was the most inspiring person I have met. Not only had she trained a Pro athlete but she was a qualified Nutritionist, Trainer and owned her own successful business in Adelaide and I felt in safe hands, and I am still in those same safe hand's to date.

I had a 12 week prep, my diet was fantastic and never dropped food groups, everything was balanced and I always had tons of energy. Before I knew it I stepped on stage for my first competition in the Bikini category at ANB SA in June 2013. I remember being backstage and saying to my support group "I don't care if I don't place, it's all about bringing the best version of yourself to stage, and that's what I've done". I walked away that day with a 2nd place. I was THRILLED.

From that day I knew I could never compare myself to the competition. While being backstage, like every girl, I was looking around at all the other gorgeous girls sussing out the competition, I was thinking "I have no chance". What did I know!

I then went on to compete in my second season, October 2013. With this prep all I wanted was to be better that I was back in June when I stepped on stage. I didn't care for the trophy, as long as I looked at my condition and saw a better version of myself than 4 months earlier. Inside and out.

This was the motivation that pushed me through my bad days, good days and painful workouts. The days I wanted sugar or a rest day - I had the thought in my head of wanting to beat myself! It worked. Two weeks ago, for my second season I took out 1st place Bikini champion at the ANB SA State Titles. WOW, what a feeling.

Being your own competition is the way we improve, no matter what the reason. If we try and be better than we were yesterday and by lifting an extra kilo, a little less sugar in the diet, more positivity, then we are improving on all our weaknesses one day at a time!

Lift heavy, stay happy keep pushing.

Sally xx