• Claire Trojkovic - Holiday Special

Dear Muscle Diary,

Fitness Model Claire has landed in Greece! The journey has just started, but the finish is just around the corner with less than 2 weeks till I step on stage.

It is challenging preparing for a competition whilst travelling, but I have done it before, you just have to come prepared and be prepared to work! For example, before my last competition, I went to Thailand for a month. The time before that I was rocking it in Vegas. Some people feel that staying fit and healthy reduces their enjoyment whilst on holidays. This shouldn't be the case.

For those who find it hard to continue to work towards their fitness goals whilst traveling, this entry will give you some insight into how I do it.

So to be honest, for me, this has been a challenging journey as being competition lean twice in less than 4 months is a hard task. The body needs to rest between competitions, as being lean all year round isn't healthy. For example, it is much easier for an overweight person to lose weight than for a skinny person to, as it's technically not required. That's why as a competitor there is a process to follow, and it works - Bulk, Shred, Repeat!

So here I am in sunny Greece soaking up the sun and sand, but still not losing sight of my end goal. I am staying in Chios for a week and then off to Zakynothos to compete.

Diet Plan

The plane journey is the hardest part as we all know that aeroplane food isn't the healthiest. I pack a few cans of tuna, different nuts, a couple protein bars and then order the healthiest item off the menu and work around it. I will usually eat the meat, salad and vegetables and leave the rice/pasta/dessert/bread. After all, I have my protein bars for dessert!

Whilst in Greece, there is no shortage of meat. I will usually cook my own breakfast at the hotel which consists of eggs and porridge. For lunch and dinner I will order souvlaki with Greek salad or fish and vegetables. They do say the Mediterranean diet is one of the best!

Exercise Plan

Finding places to exercise can be hard as most places don't have a gym. But you're on a holiday so soak up the scenery. I will usually get up before everyone else to go for a brisk walk, jog or sprints on the beach so that it doesn't affect plans made for the day. I also bring an exercise resistance band with me which I can adjust to various tensions, and it doesn't take up much room in my suitcase.


One form of cardio - 45 mins


Resistance band workout (mix this workout up with whatever creative exercises you feel like).

Upper body example

Tension medium, 3 sets, 12 reps
Bicep curls
Shoulder raises above head
Push ups
Hammer curls
Shoulder front raises
Standing pulls, elbows wide (thread band around tree/door and pull in and out)
Standing pulls, elbows to body
Bent over row

Lower body example

Tension hard, 3 sets, 16 reps
Step ups
Crab walk (band tied around ankles)
Russian lunges
Deep body weight squats X 30
Weightless calf raises

I will still have a cheat meal maybe once a week, I wouldn't pass up some home-made Greek baclava! Yum!

Stay tuned for next week’s entry, competition review! Bring on the 5th July!

xx Claire