• Claire Trojkovic - Week 3

Dear Muscle Diary,

It's time to get LEAN! Last week I discussed my program two months out from the INBA World & European Championships in Greece. This time I will go into detail about how I shred excess fat to reveal all the hard earned muscle underneath in ONLY one month! I will also advise on how to choose the right stage bikini for your body given it’s time for me to choose my stage bikini.

Lean Routine – Train Mean, Eat Clean and Get the Body of your Dreams

It's only one month till I step on stage so it’s time to HIIT the cardio and reveal that muscular body. Like I said last week it’s hard to know how lean to go as every competition and judging panel is different. I’m going to do my best and hope for the best. Here is a progress picture one month out!

Training Program

In this final month, my training is high intensity. So I need to make sure I take precautions to ensure I am injury free and do not become injured. I continue to take my supplements and increase my intake of fish oil to keep my joints free from aches and pains (see last week’s blog for details on all supplements).

Personally I don't enjoy this program as much as months 3 and 2. I prefer weight training over cardio. I find that cardio and plyometrics are quite challenging on the body and injury can pop up unexpectedly. That is why warming up, stretching and cooling down are so important as well as including yoga into your week. However the results at the end make it all worth it!

Warm up before exercising and cool down after.



30min HIIT.
Perform each set 3 times with rest only at the end of each set for around 30 seconds.

15 clean and press. 20 walking lunges. Active recovery – 20 weightless squats

20 deep squats. 15 box jumps. Active recovery – 20 Russian lunges

15 kettle bell throws. 20 burpees. Active recovery – weightless step ups on box


45min Cycle Class.


30 minutes of 30 second sprints. I like to use the treadmill or you can do this outside. Sprint for 30 seconds then rest/walk for 1/1.5 minutes.
10 minute stepper.


Body Attack class.


Active rest day - 45min brisk walk.


Full Body HIIT (Superset each two exercises 3 times. Rep range between 15-17 with 20 seconds rest between exercises).

Squat into overhead dumbbell shoulder press combined. Shoulder raises with plate

Clean and press. Kettle bell throws

Bar Bell Rows. Incline pushups

Boxing with dumbbells. Medicine ball squat throws on wall

Leg press wide. Leg press narrow


30 minutes of 30 second sprints. I like to use the treadmill or you can do this outside. Sprint for 30 seconds then rest/walk for 1/1.5 minutes.


Active rest day - 45min brisk walk.

Diet Plan

It’s time to really clean up the diet. As they say abs are made in the kitchen! I like to prepare my meals early to help keep my diet on track. Every Sunday I cook a lot of chicken, brown rice and broccoli and store it in easy to carry BPA free containers. Then I can just grab it and go each morning.

Meal 1: 4 boiled egg whites + ½ cup oats cooked in water.
Meal 2: Can of tuna.
Meal 3: 150g of chicken, broccoli, ½ cup cooked brown rice.
Meal 4: Chobani greek yoghurt with low carb protein powder.
Meal 5: Protein shake (after training) handful of nuts.
Meal 6: 150g prawns with broccoli or salad.

Choosing a Stage Bikini

I have recently gone through the process of choosing my stage bikini for my upcoming competition. Here are some things to think about before deciding!

Every body is different and everyone has their own sense of style. Choosing the right competition bikini should reflect that. There are so many factors to consider when deciding and you want to make the right choice because some of these custom bikinis can be quite expensive.

You need to take into account the bright stage lights, the super dark tan and of course your body type. Before thinking about the cut of your bikini, research the federation you will be competing with. Some specify 50% bikini bottom coverage or no crystals on the bikini. Some may even have regulations of the height of the competition heels. If you are unsure about stage wear requirements contact the federation. Also speak with your bikini maker who should know each federation’s requirements.

I encourage you to gather images of bikinis you like so that you can show your bikini maker and together, create a style that works best for you.

Bikini Top

Triangle, bra style, padded, fitted, scrunched? The bikini top style general depends on your bra size. Girls with larger breasts tend to prefer non-padded and scrunched tops. For those with smaller breasts, the padded fitted style top is favoured. Then choose between a triangle cut and a bra style cut.

Bikini Bottoms

V cut, straight cut, mini coverage, full coverage or in between? A V cut at the front will help elongate the look of your legs whereas the straight cut is a more ‘beach bikini’ look. I suggest you check with your federation before you decide on the coverage you wish to adopt as they may have specific requirements. Competition bikinis are much smaller than beach bikinis and therefore it’s important you choose a cut that you feel comfortable wearing.

Fabric, Crystals and Connectors

When you’re on stage you want to shine and stand out so be sure to choose fabric that suits the colour of your hair, tan and won’t look washed out in the strong stage lighting. Then depending on your budget and style, crystals can be used to make amazing patterns or pictures on your bikini or connectors to join fabrics.


There are different heel styles and heights. Firstly make sure they are clear to give the illusion you are taller. Secondly, decide if you want strapping around your ankle or just across your foot. I was once told that the ankle straps can be seen on stage and that they look like they cut off your ankle and therefore just the strap across the front is preferred. However if you want extra support, choose the ankle straps.

Time to make/budget

Lastly, keep in mind that custom bikinis can take some time to be made. Be sure you make your order at least 6 weeks before your competition. Also, establish a budget as crystaling these bikinis can reach over $1000.

I have all my stage bikinis made by Fit Kinis. They can get most fabrics, connectors or diamantes that you may want. Check out their website, they also give advice about choosing the right bikini for you: www.fitkinis.com.au

xx Claire