• Claire Trojkovic - Week 1

Here’s a bit about me, my name is Claire Trojkovic, I’m 22, live in Melbourne and have been invited to represent Australia at the INBA World & European Championships in Greece on the 5th and 6th July 2013! I have never competed internationally before so I’d like to share this unique journey with you!

I have always been very active from a young age, competing in both gymnastics and diving. I first developed a passion for weight lifting when I began working at a gym called FitnessKick, where the owners were 7 time world pairs champions. Their amazing journey sparked my interest in health and fitness, which then led to my decision to start competing.

I have now been competing for just over a year and have won the IFBB Australasian Championships (Tall) and the INBA Sydney Championships (Tall). My journey has taught me that hard work and dedication is the key to success. It wasn't an easy beginning for me, finding a trainer/coach was harder than expected. During my search I encountered problems with dubious trainers who didn't want to take me on or constantly made false promises.

I knew what I wanted so I made it happen on my own. I paid for a one off diet and exercise program that I changed myself closer to my competition by researching the sport and through trial and error. I then came 1st in my second competition. My journey has taught me to believe in myself and seize every opportunity. When things don’t go smoothly, find a way around it and put in the hard work to make it happen.

Now I am just over one month away from the INBA World & European Championships. I will be posting my journey here on Muscle Mayhem each week. You will be able to view my weekly exercise routine in detail and follow my daily diet. You can even come along for the ride and give my program a go! Would love to hear your feedback in the comments section down below and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

So let get started! Keep in mind that this is what I have discovered works best for me. Every body works differently and therefore only through trial and error you will truly discover what works best for you. Before a competition I like to plan my path. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!I like to begin my journey to the stage three months before the competition date. For the first month (April) I trained heavy and increased my carbohydrate intake. In this time my aim was to bulk up and grow muscle mass. My weekly training routine looked something like this:

- I would warm up with dynamic stretching

- I performed the following exercises with a heavy weight, whereby I could only reach a maximum of 5-7 reps

- I did 3 sets of each of the following exercises

- I rested for 2 minutes between exercises

Day 1: Legs
Dead lifts
Weighted lunges

Days 2: Chest and triceps
Bench press
Tricep pull downs
Cable flies
Skull crushes

Day 3: Hamstrings and glutes
Stiff leg dead lifts
Donkey kicks on smith machine
Leg press
Weighted step ups

Day 4: Back and biceps
Wide grip lat pull down
Preacher bench barbell bicep curls
Narrow grip rows
Chin ups

Day 5: Calves and shoulder
Seated shoulder press
Calf raises
Dumbell side raises
Calf raises on leg press
Rear delt flies

Day 6 & 7

Then I would cool down with static stretching focusing on the muscle group that I had just worked on.

In regards to diet, everyone does it differently, some believe in macros, some believe in portions. I believe in clean eating with controlled portions. So during my first month my daily meals looked something like this:

Meal 1: 2 boiled egg whites + 1/2 cup porridge with berries and cinnamon
Meal 2: Chobani greek yoghurt with protein powder and oats
Meal 3: 150g of chicken, brown rice and broccoli
Meal 4: Small salad with tuna
Meal 5: Protein shake (after training)
Meal 6: Steak and veggies or salad

Stay tuned for next week’s diary entry where I will discuss my second month competition prep, including my supplements, my current training and my diet. AND as a little sneak peak for the upcoming weeks I will be delving into how to obtain sponsorship, how to choose the right competition bikini, how to get lean and much much more!