• Claire Trojkovic - 2013 INBA Fitness Model World Champion

Dear Muscle Diary,

The competition, regimented training and hard core dieting is over.

Competing internationally was a great experience, I met many wonderful people and enjoyed the challenges I was faced with. I learnt many new things and came back with a world title. When I first started competing in 2012 my goal was always to represent Australia on the international stage, but I never thought it would happen this fast. However I set my goal and worked hard to reach it and therefore made it happen.

Goal setting is so important because one day you will reach your goal and it will be something you will cherish for the rest of your life.

5th of July: Pre-judging

The competition was held on the Greek island of Zakynthos in an old Greek amphitheatre. The settings were amazing and the competition only started when the sun had set. This meant hair, makeup and tanning at least three hours before the comp. A lot of effort goes into looking comp ready. I couldn't have done it without the help of my two girlfriends Amalia and Tran.

Prejudging included two rounds, first bikini and then sportswear. Both rounds included a T-walk and comparisons (four quarter turns). I made sure I just had fun with the rounds and gave my best performance.

When I was called front and centre in both rounds I knew I had made top three.

6th July: Finals

Once again, three hours before the comp I had to redo my hair, makeup and tan. At the competition, there were two rounds: bikini and sportswear.

However during the bikini round only three names were called to continue onto the sportswear round and one of those names was mine. During the sportswear round I was then given first place.

I was over the moon, as all my hard work had finally paid off and excited, as many doors will now open.

A couple of people have asked me what I had over the other competitors. I had stage presence. After watching a video of the event I was the one who looked the most confident and like I was having the most fun onstage. You can see my t-walk video below.

I can now say I am the 2013 INBA Fitness Model World Champion. My dedication, hard work and determination has paid off.

From the photos you can see I wasn't as lean as previous competitions, but I was aiming for overall tone and symmetry not rock hard abs.

So what's next for me? Have a well-earned break. The body and mind needs rest after a long period of working hard. I plan to continue to travel around Europe and then when I get back to Australia maybe aim for an American competition next year.

I hope you all have enjoyed my blog

xx Claire