• 8 Ways to Energize Your Workout

You've been working out for some time now and you’re starting to see and feel the positive results from all your hard work and dedication. However, there is one muscle that can easily become bored of the same old exercise routine – your brain!

When you start out on your exercise journey you do it with enthusiasm and great vigour, and as a result you get a lot more benefit from your workouts because your mind is up for the challenge.

But months pass and you keep repeating the same workout, putting less effort into each session, losing the desire to workout regularly and your progress reaches an abrupt halt.

It's time for a change-up - and here are 8 ways to help you do it.

A change of environment

If you hit the gym three times per week, why not swap one of the sessions for a different activity. Try out an exercise class, go for a long run, jump on a bike and get out into the countryside for a refreshing ride, have a session in the swimming pool – anything to add a bit of variety to your workouts and keep your brain stimulated.

Workout with a friend

Exercising with a friend can help take your mind off the workout, and it would also encourage you to exercise more regularly if you know you have an exercise buddy waiting for you at the gym that you don’t want to let down. You can work together to motivate each other through your workouts,or create a bit of healthy competition to achieve the results you both want in the fastest time.

Join an online community

The internet is a great place to find other people who share similar interests and you only have to go as far as our facebook page or Fitocracy to find them.

Change your routine

If you have your workout created for you at the gym, ask for a new routine roughly every month to give yourself new challenges. After about four or five weeks your body would have adapted to whatever workout you are doing, and you will need to make changes to stimulate your mind as well as your body.

Don't make excuses

Working out at home can be more limiting that working out in a gym because you will have less space to workout and less exercise equipment available to work with. However, this need not lead to boredom or failure to motivate yourself into working out regularly. Use whatever distractions you are using as an excuse not to exercise, and make them work for you in a positive way.

Sit your exercise bike in front of the TV so you can catch up with all your favourite programmes while you workout.

Get creative

Play a DVD or listen to some music while you workout to distract your mind and reduce your boredom. Read a book or surf the net between sets.


You can also make up a play-list on your Ipod and time it to last one hour. By the time you get to the last song or two, you will know you are nearing the end of your workout and will challenge yourself to keep going until the music ends.

Set realistic goals

Don’t set yourself ridiculous goals that take you'll never reach.

No matter how hard you try you're never going to add 30 kilograms to your deadlift in 3 days and you're never going to add 2 inches to your arms in a week.

Be realistic, aiming for an extra rep or 5 kilograms to your personal best is not only achievable, but when you do reach it you’ll be motivated to do better.

Boring disclaimer warning

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